Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chestnut Lamingtons

Happy Australia Day! I can't believe I missed it even though we are 16 hours behind. I guess I was too busy watching tennis. Rafa! Mr P over at Delicious Delicious Delicious is hosting Reinvent the Lamington again this year. Well, it's his invention, so I'm not sure who else would host it. Anyway, I look at the amazing creations every year and I come up with lots of ideas, but I've never actually participated before. After leaving a comment over at DDD, I got a reply strongly urging me to get some lamingtons made. And so I did. Nothing earth-shattering over here, but at least I found a good use for my homemade candied chestnuts and chestnut jam.

Yes, I made my own candied chestnuts and chestnut jam last fall. It was a dangerous combination of gorgeous autumn produce, sporadic employment and temporary insanity after returning from Ecuador. It was a good thing I wasn't working, as the chestnut jam took all day to make and the candied chestnuts took about 4 days. By that time I couldn't be arsed to blog about them or even take photos. In fact, I couldn't even eat the stuff as it just tasted like too much effort for 5 small jars. The candied chestnuts, which never softened enough, have been taking up valuable real estate in the fridge and the jam has been languishing on the counter. I gave 2 jars away at Christmas and nobody knows what to do with it. So, I made some chocolate and chestnut mousse cupcakes last week and now lamingtons. If you have any other ideas, please let me know. I have 2 jars left. And no, I'm not sending it to you unless you pay the postage. Sporadically employed, remember?

I made ⁴/₇ of this recipe for the cake and ½ the glaze recipe for 9 lamingtons. Instead of chestnut, you can leave them unfilled or use another jam. Roll them in the traditional coconut or nuts instead of chestnuts. I also made some with coconut and a lovely raspberry cassis jam that a friend made. Too bad I ate them/gave them away before getting photos--they were the prettier of the lams.


Lisa said...

I've never seen a chestnut lamington, but now that I have - I want! BAD! I can't even describe in words how good they look! I was hoping you took part in the challenge, but I'll take these over a biscuit anytime!

Valerie Gamine said...

Talk about some great tennis!
I've never had lamingtons, but the name always intrigued me (it's so cute). :D
I'll have to try making this recipe, anything surrounded by chestnuts has to be spectacular!

Mr. P said...

HOMEMADE candied chestnuts? Amazing!

Love them, well done. Definitely the most decadent lams of 2012. :)

Miss T said...

yay! they look tremendous! its going to be a hot one here today for the mens final - 36 degrees!
(96.8 in your neck of the woods) GO RAFA!!!
T xx

Anonymous said...

It looks gorgeous Mary. I am still in shock that you made candied chestnuts and chestnut jam - and that it took 5 days!!! We bakers can be a little daffy sometimes...LOL! I bet they tasted delicious though. Belated Happy Australia Day. Best, Sandie

Valérie said...

Homemade candied chestnuts!!! So cool! Never heard of Lamingtons, to tell the truth, but they look very tasty. And how can you go wrong with those chestnuts?

Rambling Tart said...

What a fun interpretation of Lamingtons!! They were handing them out in the grocery store last week in honor of Australia Day. Mmm, mmm good. :-)