Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beautiful blogger award

This award was presented to me by the lovely Anne-Marie, over at 10 Rooms, a design blog, where you can see Anne-Marie's beautiful home, as well as gorgeous photos she finds on other sites. It has taken me a long time to think of 10 things you may not know about me, and as a warning, none of them are very exciting! Here goes:
1. I am always late. I don't know why, as I don't particularly like being late. Okay, maybe I do know why. I am very optimistic about things like travel times, and tend to calculate them based on traveling at warp speed. The lateness is often compounded by the fact that I don't like to rush. Funny that, because I end up racing most places. I also don't like to wait, and when you're early, you have to wait. Best to arrive right on time. If only it ever happened that way.
2. I have moved an uncountable number of times. I grew up in the house my father grew up in, but once I left for university I started moving every year, sometimes more. I lived out of my suitcase for about three years when I was working as a teacher trainer in countries all over the world. Right now my things are in storage again, as I look for another place.
3. I have a nephew and a niece that I am crazy about. They are 2 years old, and one month old respectively. I visit as often as I can to hang out and play.
4. I am a spelling and grammar maniac. I can spot a misplaced apostrophe from a thousand paces. The incorrect use of 'it's' is my biggest pet peeve. Only when it's short for 'it is', people!
5. I love to ride my bicycle, and am happy to be back in Ottawa, which has great bicycle paths. That said, my bike is in another town at the moment. I also like yoga, but don't practise regularly. I do kettlebells with Ang as often as I can.
6. I love cats, but am not very fond of dogs. I used to have a pair of cats, Pip and Peep, but had to give them away when I moved out of my apartment and started traveling so much. My brother has a large white boxer that likes to sit on my lap when I visit.
7. I attended Le Cordon Bleu after high school and before I decided to go to university, where I got a much more practical degree in Physical Anthropology and Zoology. No, I'm not joking. Yes, I became an ESL teacher shortly after graduation.
8. I am hopelessly non-musical. Singing and dancing are painful for me, and for those forced to watch and listen. No, drinking does not help.
9. I am a supply teacher for kindergarten to grade 8, and I never know which school and which grade I am going to end up in. If it's with the little ones, I sometimes have to sing. Oh, the pain.
10. I've always been a bookworm. As a child I would stay up very late reading, as I couldn't put my book down. Some things never change...

I'd like to pass this award on to a couple of people who I think are new to blogging, or at least new to me!
1.  Laurie at Simply Scratch, because she takes the great process photos I always forget about, and especially because I love fried egg sandwiches too!
2. Carly at Fork Ewe, because she's trying to make 500 different dinners rather than the same thing again and again.


Laurie @simplyscratch said...

Mary!!! Thanks!!! You are so kind!! I appreciate the award and the kind words!! I love your blog as well! I love that you use interesting ingredients and flavor combos! I only wish I was so daring!! I am a spelling FREAK as well, I am far from perfect but I can spot others mistakes easily!! HAA too funny!! Thanks again so very much!

Anne-Marie (10 Rooms) said...

I may have to disagree on the drinking does not help singing and dancing, I can vaguely remember those nights :) Your 10 things are far from boring.. you have led such an interesting life, Mary! Thanks for carrying on the spirit of the award - x

Jencrafted said...

Congrats on the award! It's great to be able to know more about you and we now share one thing in common: LCB! So perhaps we'll get to meet, have a few drinks and exchange stories of our days @ LCB. Which one did you attend?

Carly@ForkEwe said...

OHHH THANKYOU!!! thats so very sweet!
i have had such a hectic and crazy week here and havent uploaded in a few days so your nice gesture just made me remember that i have some work to do, thankyou again xxx

Marysol said...

So well deserved! I love your blog.

This was a fun read, we are always curious to know who hides behind these blogs!

Anonymous said...

Another one! I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award: Thanks for writing such a great blog!