Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Daring Bakers Make Challah

Ruth of The Crafts of Mommyhood gave us a great challenge this month. I love challah and braided bread so I had a lot of fun with this, even if I did leave it till the last minute. Since the pulla I made was quite similar to challah, I decided to do a couple of new things with the dough, with varying levels of success. First, the good:
I made a braided round loaf using Ruth's very helpful video. It is a 4-strand braid and is a technique I'll use again and again. Here's what it looked like after I baked it. No pictures of it sliced, as I gave this one away, but I haven't heard any complaints yet. 
Next, I decided to do a filled loaf. There had been lots of beautiful ones on the forum, but none of them had rhubarb. Did I tell you that my nephew and I picked 10 pounds of rhubarb at my mother's? And that there's at least that much more for next weekend? Heaven! Here's the Bjorn Borg of rhubarb himself:
So, what to put with the rhubarb? I decided on pistachio paste, since there had been a can of it lurking in the cupboard for a while. Good idea, but I put way too much of the pistachio paste and roasted rhubarb, because I'm greedy. 

It was impossible to seal the cylinders and even harder to braid them. Oh, and I had six strands to work with! The unrisen braid was leaking rhubarb syrup and by the time it had risen it had popped open in a few places. It wasn't very pretty, but it was delicious. I may try this combination again and exercise a bit of restraint. Or not.

Thanks Ruth! That was fun! You can find all the challenge recipes here
Blog-checking lines: May’s Daring Bakers’ Challenge was pretty twisted – Ruth from The Crafts of Mommyhood challenged us to make challah! Using recipes from all over, and tips from “A Taste of Challah,” by Tamar Ansh, she encouraged us to bake beautifully braided breads.


Anula said...

Great looking challah!^ strands - that's a daring thing to do/plait ;)
Pozdrawiam, Anula.

Dolcinboutique said...

It's a very good idea your rhubarb challah. I like it very mutch! The braided round it's perfect :)
Hello from new member

Suz said...

A rhubarb and pistachio filled 6-strander sounds intense. I'm so impressed that you managed to braid it - it looks wonderful and sounds delicious. You've reminded me - I need to get on with eating as much rhubarb as possible. Looks like you and your nephew got a good haul!

Valerie said...

Bravo, Mary! My on-again-off-again fear of yeast prevented me from attempting this one, but yours looks perfect! I love that you incorporated the infamous rhubarb!! :D

Well done!

Valérie said...

Drat, now I'm wishing I wasn't on hiatus from the Daring Kitchen... I've always wanted to make challah! Oh well, I can still make it on my own... That said, both of yours look beautiful, and I love the ingredients in the filled one, so original!

Tugs Girl said...

I'm in awe of your roasted rhubarb-pistachio challah and I want to make this as soon as possible! How did you roast the rhubarb? I've never tried that.

Cheap Ethnic Eatz said...

This bread is such a treat for me, your round braid loaf looks amazing. And the other with rhubarb and pistachio paste? OMG that sound freaking amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mary, Pistachio and rhubarb? I never would have thought it, but it sounds deluxe! Lovely braiding.... Best, Sandie

shelley c. said...

Your braids look fantastic, and I love the idea of rhubarb and pistachio! I can't imagine how difficult it was to braid those rhubarb stalks, but I love the picture of your rhubarb-picking partner! Beautiful job on the challenge.

Korena said...

WOW, that rhubarb pistachio combo sounds unreal and looks so beautiful when sliced! I will definitely have to try a rhubarb stuffed challah one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

Angie's Recipes said...

wow This could be most creative rhubarb and challah recipes I have ever come across! Super!

Anonymous said...

Mary..I am dying to try the 4 strand round loaf..yours looks stunning - absolutely perfect! Also..I have so much pistachio paste leftover, I think I need to give your challah with rhunarb and pistachio paste s try. It looks and sounds so intriguing! Beautifully done as always..and great photos!

Ruth Ellis said...

Wow - the idea of braiding with rhubarb filled strands of dough is fantastic! I have rhubarb in the fridge at the moment - I'm tempted to give it a shot - although maybe just a 3 strand one, since my braiding's not quite up to scratch yet!

Ruth H. said...

Wow... braiding rhubarb... you are brave! Your challot look fabulous, and I am so glad that you had fun! I just discovered that I have rhubarb growing in my back yrd, I might have to try something like this. Thank you for baking with me this month!!!

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